First Day Back to Normal Life

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Well, the first semester is finally over and I'm back to the old routine. Though it hasn't quite sunken in yet, I am a bit overwhelmed with the amount of free time that I find myself with. No homework, no papers, no studying! What do I do now.

I watched television for the first time in about 3 months. I'm not going to lie, it was a little wierd. I took a nap. That was also a new experience. I took a shower in my own private bathroom. WOW! What a feeling! And yet something is missing, something has left a whole in me that may never be filled again... my youth has left me.

Yes I still enjoy play station and nintendo games. I fancy coloring pictures and watching cartoons. I still act like an idiot when I get in a goofy mood. But, something has happened. The semester has forced me to do something that I've dreaded my whole life. Something that I swore I would not allow myself to ever do. A sacrilege to the youthful world of make believe and enjoyment in the simple things. Sadly, I've matured. Yes it's true. I know. It truly is a tragedy. I have committed the highest treason to my mother country of child like behavior.

With this (minimal) maturity, I now see things in a whole new light. A much dimmer light, but nonetheless different. For example, putting up the Christmas tree used to be such an exciting adventure, now the only adventure is trynig to stop myself from eating the popcorn garland. Going for a ride with mom to the bank used to be so entertaining, now Mom just sends me to the bank for her, then to the grocery store, then to pick up the kids, then to wash the car, then to the post office, then to the gas station, then to drop off the kids at practice, then to pay some bills, then to pick up the kids from practice, then fill up the car with gas again. Going outside to play in the snow was another exciting endeavor. I still enjoy playing in the snow, however I have come to realize the down side to it. First, it takes half an hour to get dressed to go out. Then you have to dig the sleds pile of useless junk tht has now grown into a mountain in the garage. Next you get to sled but you try as hard as you can not to get your gloves wet. That fails and after about 15 minutes outside, you're longing to just get inside, spend 10 minutes stripping out of your wet clothes, get some warm clothes on, get some hot chocolate and try to get warm. Why even bother?

What is happening to me?!?! I don't want to grow up. Adults used to be the enemy and now I'm turning into what I hated the most!!! Can anyone help? Please give me advice!!!

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If you start complaining about your aching bones and describing the next operation the doctor's going to perform, then it's all over, man!

Haha, I guess I'm not too bad yet!!!

30 minutes to get ready!? Wow. It takes me 5, then again, I don't bother with a coat. or hat. or gloves...or anything else besides a pair of pants--sometimes even shorts--a shirt and my shoes.

Welcome to Seton Hill University...welcome to the rest of your life.

Abandon all hope ye who enter.

Andy, you just can't write an entry like that! it makes me sad. I feel bad because I know that I have been really spoiled in ways that help me still be a little kid in a lot of ways. I can't drive still, so I am never asked to run errands. I have seen snow on very rare occasions in the past 8 years and so I still find it delightful, even with the tedious prepping.

But, remember growing up isn't all bad. Actually, I know a few people who really ought to do some growing up. it would be good for them. And like you've said before, it is all in your attitude, you just have to be positive. Who says growing up means you can't have fun and be happy? The only one who can keep you from becoming the person you want to you. I have faith in you Andy, I know you won't let that happen. So try not to worry so much. Have a great break buddy!

P.S. You are becoming worse than Dena...something has left a "hole" in you not a "whole." Miss ya!


HAHA. You're right, growing up isn't all bad, and I tell you what the best part is the new people you meet. You know what Dr. Silvis says, "you are who you hang out with." Well, I just want to say thanks. Lorin, it's really cool to find friends like you that can find the positives in situations as well. I think that's really important and I'm glad that I got to know you during this first semester!

Please, call me anything but Dena! HAHA

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