Intentions affect results

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WILLY: I don't know the reason for it, but they just pass me by. I'm not noticed.

For some unknown reason, I always try to find the author's intentions in every play. This one was a challenge however. The message that I think Miller was trying to send (I shouldn't be doing this) in the First Act is that without the right intentions, life doesn't work out. What I mean by this is that Willy's and even his sons' main goal is to be "well liked." Yes, in order to be a successful salesman, good public relations skills are needed. However, the most important thing should be trusting your product. Willy doesn't seem to trust his product (family) so in short, his life is empty and void and to him he's unsuccesful.

Another interesting thing that I picked up on was the relation between Linda and Rose from Fences. Both women seem to have many similar characteristics. Though Linda plays more of a role in the direct interaction with her husband's welfare, both of the women show their ability to put aside their own welfare and put the needs of their husbands first. Both of them are cheated on, however, they show love despite their misfortunes in their relationships.

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