A poetic experience

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Well, I'm not going to lie, I'm not a very poetic guy (Just pretend I didn't try to rhyme there). From the introduction of this book, however, I feel that I may enjoy this new wave of literature. There were a few things that caught my attention. First of all, I'm extremely new to the idea of poetry. I feel from the introduction however that I will be able to fit into poetry after some practice. It was encouraging to hear:

"Reading poetry is not a completely passive pleasure, as is sitting in the sun or watching television. It is more like the pleasure you get from playing tennis or listening to music. There is a difference in the first time you play tennis and the fiftieth time."

With this in mind, I feel that the more I read and discuss the easier it will be to understand the concept of poetry and the concept of others' works. I also found some very interesting advice that was given by the author.

"Also don't hesitate to say when you don't understand a poem or some part of it. Even if you don't understand it, you can talk about it's tone (does it, sound like something you'd hear in church? at a party?), the kinds of words in it, its title, how things are conneted in it, how it begins and ends."

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