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I'm not sure what we're s'posed to be doing
For this assignment, but here goes nothing?!?!
Hello, Good day! How did your weekend go?
I know what you are asking yourself now,
"Is Andy writing this blog in blank verse?"
The answer, yes, I definately am.
So far this year, I've learned to write two ways.
I've written sonnets, tried to rhyme, and yet
I did not know how much I did not know.
Sir William Shakespeare gained respect from me.
One thing that I have learned from all this work,
Is that it's hard to write like this and not
Go crazy from the stress that comes from it.
Although I'd rather be insane than dull.

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To blog and think this way will stress the brain.
Whoever heard of poets that are sane?

We all are not sure of what to do here.
If I had to write like this all the time,
I think I'd end up in a mental home.

We may be on to something here, Danielle!
Is that perhaps why folks in Shakespeare plays
Do crazy things and die such horrid deaths?

I don't know the answer to your question
but I know I'm already getting there.

Hello, fellow woodsman, how was your day?
I hope it was good, I hope it was fun
But the real reason I'm just dropping by
Is to say, don't look now, for it's quite a sight,
Outside your window all furry and gay
Is none other, but a three-legged elk.

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