Poilitics or Opinion?

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Chapter 11, dealing with the death of characters is very interesting, however the one thing that caught my attention was present in Chapter 13, "It's all political."

As I read this chapter, I agreed with Foster. I was reading Mike's blog and in referance to "To Kill a Mocking Bird," and "Brave New World," he said, "The author's wrote these stories while reacting to the current events of the day, yet they managed to make their stories timeless and their messages unobtrusive." The key to that statement is unobtrusive. As Foster mentioned, every story or almost every story, deals with politics. It seems to me, however, that there is a fine line between politics, and opinion (or getting a certain message across).

In stories that force their opinions on others, we as reader's, in a sense, turn-off that work, or author. However, in stories that we are able to analyze and take what affects us from, we can really enjoy. I feel that every author is attempting to get a certain point across from what their writing, or else what are they writing for? So, if "politics and opinon" are indeed too close to call, then I feel that the good stories, are the one's in which we can take our own opion of, and not buy into what the author's opinion was originally.

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