Trees, Turtles, and Swings

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Well the last three poems seemed pretty basic. So I figured I'd put them all on the same entry.


This poem seemes to me to be geared toward a younger audience. It says that it was a Recitation for Martha Wakefield, a three year old. This poem rhymes very well. It kind of reminds me of a Nursery Rhyme. Something like Peter Piper, or Dr. Suess.


This poem was very interesting as well. It talks about how a swing is an escape from reality. To me the line that stuck out the most was "Ever a child can do!" It seems as if he is Stevenson is longing to get back to the childhood innocence. He describes all of the things that a child would notice and an adult would perhaps look over. Such as the rivers and trees and cattle, and the green garden and the blue air.


This one was probably my favorite out of the three. Once again it seems to follow the nature theme as many poems do. Kilmer says that she will never see a poem as lovely as a tree. And at the end she says "Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree." This poem obviously is connecting nature to God. She points out that the tree gets to look up at God all day long and lifts her leafy arms to pray. She says that the tree is lucky because in the summer it gets to have birds in it's hair (dealing with nature). The tree also gets to have snow lay on top of it, and it is intimate with the rain (nature again). It's very descriptive and it makes me want to go outside and climb a tree.

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Andy, The Swing was my favorite out of the group. It made me want to go back to my childhood and swing away all my problems. I think that you are totally correct when you say that adults look over things that children notice. Adults dont take time to just step back from everything and soak it all in. They are in a rush. Kids have all the time in the world.

Andy, my favorite out of the group was "The Little Turtle." As an english and elementary education major, I think that if were to ever teach my intermediate level about poems, I would use this poem because it gets the point/story across, it's fun to read, and it's fun to think about. Yes, being in a shell DOES conceal the turtle's identity. I haven't really thought about turtles till reading this poem.

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