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Living in Brownlee Hall at Seton Hill University is a very interesting thing. One evening I happened to be walking on the second foor which is the womens floor. Of course, I was being escorted by a female. During this brief stroll I was taking special notice of some of the signs that are hanging in the hallways and in the lounge." Why" you ask? Well, because I had just finished reading a chapter in a book called "Eats, Shoots, & Leaves," by Lynn Truss. The chapter related to how punctuation mistakes commonly occur due to lack of proof reading. Her point is that sometimes people don't realize that they misuse an apostraphe or don't know how to use it in the first place.

With the chapter still fresh in my head, I was walking along only to suddenly stop. My eye caught something that just wasn't right on a sign in the lounge. As my eyes were focused on it, I suddenly noticed that a classmate, Amanda Nichols had noticed the same mistake. There was a breif minute of indecision and then we both darted off faster than cat. You see, Dr. Jerz had told us that if we see any mistakes, take a picture and bring it into class. We both flew into her unlocked room because we both knew that her digital camera was hidden on the shelf behind her fish food. As we both lunged toward the camera I felt a sudden rush of emotion that forced me to reach out further and snatch the camera from the shelf, and jump joyfully in the air, taunting about my victory. However, while my eyes were shut and my feet were off the ground.

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