Hidden Meanings?

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I really liked the middle section of this book. To me, it was the funniest part, there were so many one-liners and also some hidden meanings. The only thing that threw me for a loop was the sexual terminology used in Stanely and Felix's conversation. It seems that the whole focus of the story is on Jack or Charley or whatever his name is... "the son of God." It started getting a little weird around the part that they talked about Jack being tri-sexual and "loving men, women, and vegetables." I found Miller's humor to once again come through. Miller puts this into perspective, however, our attention is shifted from him to Felix with the introduction of Felix's problem.

FELIX: -And how long can he stay lit up?

STANELY: Seems like... I don't know... a few seconds.

FELIX: Is that all.

This is the first glimpse that we get the idea of Felix's problem or the reason for him being the way he is, of course with the new relationship with Emily, we find Felix take on a total change and change from the hard ruling dictator to a peace loving humanitarian. I'm extremely amused by Miller's connections and his jokes and I'm looking forward to finishing this play.

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Andy, I'm glad you're enjoying finding the double-entendres in Miller's script. When Felix talks to his secretary in the opening scene, he thanks her for being understanding, so there's a hint there about his problem. The actor who performs that line can probably give the audience a clue about its implications. But you're right -- Miller only introduces that detail slowly.

I see what you mean. But now that you mention it, I find a lot of places in which Miller leaves it open for interperetation by the actor, for example, Stanley. I think he could be portrayed as some dopeless pot-head, or someone who is genuinly a friend to Charley and Jeanine. By the way... I have a question about that. It seemed weird to me that Stanely kept calling Jeanine and Charley baby. Was that just me? Or is there a reson for that? Anyone?

I think that Stanley is one of the key characters in the play. Think about it; if he wasnt in the book, where would we be at this point of the story. I think that i would be utterly confused. He adds more detail and information that is needed to help piece together the book. He is the middle man who allows for both sides to agree on one idea.
I also think that he was a very genuine friend and truly cared about Jeanine and Charley.
Was he also able to walk through walls? I think i missed something around the time him and Felix were talking and then he just like vanished.

I could be wrong but I don't think Stanely could walk through walls. I think what happened was when Felix opened the door, a really bright light shined in and blinded everyone. I think it was Charley coming back because then Stanely says that he just thinks Charley can't make up his mind. I didn't remember reading about Stanely vanishing?

Ok, thanks for clearing that up. I was just a little confused as to if Stanley was also magical, like an apostle.

Andy, good call with the quote about Ralph "lighting up." I'm beginning to think that this play isn't about a savior at all... it's just about man's inadequacy and erectile disfunction. In Felix's case, he is going to kill a man over it.

It's certainly turning in to a mystery, with the issue being "what is real and what isnt?" Is everyone just seeing things?

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