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The conclusion of "Resurrection Blues" is quite interesting. Once again, Arthur Miller proves why he is Arthur Miller with his comical one-liners in potentially serious situations. However, I've got to say that I really enjoyed the play. I think that the comparison between Charley and the biblical story really pulls us into the storyline and for me personally, shocked me in a way that puts one of the most important and sacred stories of all time into a slap-happy story which focuses on sex and murder... it's just weird to see that connection and Miller does a great job of pulling it together.

I find Felix's change to be extremely interesting and it even made me wonder if he was serious. His love for Emily is unreal especially when he decides to divorce his wife for her. At first I thought that Emily was just playing him in order to get Charley off the hook but by the end of the play, I'm convinced that she is genuinly in love with him.

The ending seems to pull all of the stories together. I found myself getting a little confused by all of the conversations that were going on, but by the time that they were all standing there looking up at the light [Charley], Miller gave us the opportunity to see eveyone's true colors and at the same time it kind of leaves the ending unresolved. Obviously Miller forced us to want Charley to leave and not get crucified but then again maybe it was all of their imaginations? Maybe it was just a poem as Henri said?

One thing that I liked about Scence 6 was that for the first time, we get to meet Jeanine. I feel that the driving storyline that keeps us engrossed in the story is the relationship between Henri and Jeanine. Thought the play may not be resolved the relationship between these to is and to me that was my favorite part. Though Charley, didn't get to save the world, he did mend one relationship and I think that was the message behind this play. I loved Henri's line on page 91:

HENRI: I'm happy for the love I see in you, my dear, your hair flowing so gently around your face, and the softness that I haven't seen in so many years in the corners of your eyes. I love you Jeanine, and if it's he who brought you back to life...-Why not? I think now it is no more impossible than the rest of theis dream we live in.

This quote was my favorite in the whole book. To me this is the message. Why not believe? Why not live life to the fullest and take risks. As George Gray says, "To put meaning in one's life may end in madness, but a life without meaning is the torture of restlessness and vague desire. It is a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid."

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I think that Charley should be happy that he helped mend Henri and his daughters relationship. I think that the book was very good. I really enjoyed it.
I think that Charley lived his life to the fullest and allowed for people to have hope and believe in the impossible. And to me, that is the best satisfaction that he could have.

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