Are two heads better than one?

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"Bureaucracies, whether corporate or governmental, can make life hard for the webwriter." - 119

Webwriting seems like more of a participatory activity, however, without leadership, how much good, solid webtext can be written, especially with the qualifications that Kilian illustrates. What I mean is the more people that are on the design project, the more directions they will want the site to go. It's easy when there's one person doing it, it's simple, clean, and clear. But as Kilian points out, there are often multiple branches or other parts of a corporation that each need their own individual webpage. It might cross your might to simply delegate each group to create their own, however, then there isn't uniform and consistent. Also, like Kilian said, it's the old "everyone's a writer" syndrome. Everybody thinks that they know what to write, when in reality some people are more longwinded than others and some may be too short-spoken. Its a struggle to achieve uniformity, especially when someone else always has a better idea.

I personally feel that there should be one webmaster. This will cut out many of the problems that may arise such as constricting others' creative abilities, or being unfair to one group and granting another special priveledges regarding the site. I feel that every department should have some input, however the design will ultimately be decided upon by one, or two webmasters who are hired specifically for the job.

What do you think?

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Ahhh. To finally make some sense of it. Thank you for bringing light to this chapter.

Now that I understand what's going on, I do agree with the idea of a webmaster. In general, any large project conducted by a group of people needs some supervision. Without it, the varying ideas will contradict each other and produce a confusing product.

Remember that's just my personal idea. It's not the "right" answer by any means.

I agree. I feel that there should be just one weadmaster. Even though people think "everyone's a writer," it's just not true. Some people shouldn't write for something that can be seen by thousands of people all across the world. Their ideas, though, should be taken into consideration and tweaked. That way everyone (every department) is represented well and no one feels like they've been shunned.

A webmaster would provide organization, navigation, and a complete/connected look to the website. They could take in all the information each department gives (even if they create little websites of their own) and format all of them.

To get this started, a webmaster could approach an organization and ask them to take a usability test to see if their site clearly helps their users or if they need more unity/a guiding hand.

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