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"Of course these categories of blogs often overlap. A news blog may be specialized, like World Cup Blog. It may include personal comments and social observations, and may strongly advocate a particular agenda. Still, the genres tend to stand apart from one another and to appeal to distinct audiences." - 128

It's interesting to hear Kilian's point of view on blogs. I began to think about what categories our blogs for Dr. Jerz would fall into? I first thought about a category called Academic Blogs but what we write isn't always for academics. We have the opportunity to express our freedom and creative abilities. The more I looked into it and thought about it I realized that my blog here at SHU has an aspect of each of the categories that Kilian talks about in this section, thus creating a blend of all of them spawning the name: Blender Blog. It's like taking all of the cateogories and throwing them in a blender. They don't fit perfectly into Kilian's categories, but it sure was fun trying to make them.

My blog is indeed a personal blog. It's more extrovert than introvert but, you know, every once in a while I like to think about myself. It's personal because I reflect on issues that affect me and how I deal with them. I include my own personal views and ideas and interact with others' personal opinions. My blog is also a job blog. How? You ask. Well, it's easy. Job blogs focus on events at work. My work is "college," and most of my blogs deal with ideas about school, class, textbooks, etc. It's undoubtedly a specialist blog depending on which semester you read it. Right now, it's a specialist blog about Writing for the Internet, but in the Fall of 2005 it was a specialist blog about Drama as Literature. It's a news blog because I address the latest topics, out in the world, and within our class sphere. I link to other sources, point out important information, and discuss ideas that are happening in the world today, like the birthday of the "smiley" or Sarah Palin's e-mail hacker. My blog is also an advocacy blog. The advocacy blog "argues the case for a group, movement, or philosophy." This one was tough, but it workds because I am advocating education. I want my peers to learn from me and I want to learn from them. We are sharing knowledge and are all a part of the "support group" of EL 236 Writing for the Internet. Did I convince you?

The point that I'm making is not all blogs fit into a defined category. That's the freedom we have as bloggers. Our blog can be how and what we want it to be (as long as you post an agenda item for each reading). I like to experiement with mine. I like to write "different" entries and see what kind of feedback I get, if any. What about you?

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Can I borrow the "Blender Blog" idea, haha.

No I'm being serious, that's a great idea, because you're right, we can't call them "academic blogs" because we don't always fit into that category (even though Dr. Jerz often calls them that) and we cannot always fit into the categories that Kilian puts out there either. So Blender Blog seems like a good name for us. (Us meaning all the kids Dr. Jerz puts online to fend for themselves, haha.)

But I like how you put yourself in the different categories to explain your blog. Very nice Andrew. :)

You make a good point. Blogs should not have to fit a defined category. I believe that is the power of a blog. The idea that your blog can be whatever it wants to be. That's the freedom we have as bloggers. Kilian states that "the genres tend to stand apart from one another and to appeal to distinct audiences," but I feel that if your blog is a variety of genres, the reader will be more interested in frequently visiting your site.

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