Don't Respect the Text

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Chapter 5, Editing Webtext, in Kilian's book was basically a "dos and don'ts" chapter including tips about what to use, not use, how to say things, how not to say things, etc. It had a lot of information about the best way to make your webtext unbiased in pretty much every aspect and how to write fairly yet effectively.

"The condensation process demands utmost disrespect for print-source text. A useful guideline is to cut such text by not just 25 percent, but 50 percent, just to see if it's possible." - 80

This quote was taken from the point # 6 of this chapter call "Don't Respect the Text." It's amazing how much marketing goes on when writing webtext. What I mean by marketing is how much we must right for the reader, or try to sell them. We want them to be able to quickly scan our work in order to keep them hooked and make sure they stay on our site. To me, it kind of resonates a sense of cheapness in our work. Do we now have to cut out words and make our writing thinner just to simply appeal to the reader? It seems like we're taking the filling out of the apple pie just so the people looking in the shop window come in for a look. (Don't know if that analogy works but anyway.) I'm not saying that it's taking away a writers freedom, but it seems like it's taking away a writers freedom. It seems like it's constricting the writer in order to simply make a webpage more attractive or appealing to that reader, which isn't necessarily wrong, it's just a specific style I of writing I guess. And the goal is to have the reader scan our webtext, not read it?

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I think that it is important for a writer to know where the guidelines are. It's similair to journalism, it's just the facts. I'm not a big fan of that kind of writing, but I understand the need for it. Readers of websites are basically looking for information the fastest way possible.

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