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I find it extremely ironic and interesting that as I was studiously reading Stevenson's article like a good college kid, my instant message window popped up with a message from my girlfriend that read nothing but, ;-). "Wow," I said to myself.

I can see Stevenson's point about using smilies as a crutch so that writers don't have to explain themselves correctly, or as he said, because writers are "lazy." But in complete honesty, I've never used a smiley in a professional manner. In fact, aside from an occassional emoticon I send to a close friend online, or a winky face to my girlfriend in a text message, I don't see much of them.

Like in my example above, I never use a smiley except for completely silly purposes, or in some cases, to be cute. If there were a message that I felt was important to the person receiving it I would take my time and explain exactly what I meant, or take the necessary steps to ensure that person's comprehension of what I'm saying. I honestly feel people are taking this smiley thing way to seriously. And as for the smiley going away soon, I really doubt that happening in the near future. The smiley emoticon has stuck and will be around for a good, long, while.

I talk more about the positive aspects of the smiley in my early post located at ;-).

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