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It's that time. Taking a look back at the first third of the semester, I find it hard to believe how far our class has come in four-and-a-half short weeks. From learning how to write professional e-mails, to creating my own website, I've encountered many bumps along the road of EL 236. But with the help of Dr. Jerz and especially my classmates, I was able to iron out the wrinkles and find myself on track, hopefully, with where I should be at this point in the semester. I'm not saying I have everything I need to know, but I've definitely learned many new things. Together, my classmates and I have discussed our reactions to the use of new technolgical jargon, the pros and cons of using emoticons, the professionalism or lack thereof found in social networking, and many more topics. Here is a compiled list that expresses the strides I've made so far this semester:






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It is really cool to look back and see how much we have already learned after only a month of school. We're moving fast, but in increments. I certainly don't know everything I need to know either, but I know enough to start applying my skills to other areas in the major. In a month or so, we're going to have to create campaign websites in CA 100. I'm not worried about it, whereas others in the group have never dealt with html.

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