Is not voting making a statement?

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Is not voting making a statement?

I attended a nonpartisan lecture by former Sate Senator Allen Kukovich today. Kukovich, who is now the Democratic Chairman of the Aging and Youth Committee and also a member of five other committees, spoke at SHU dealing with issues about voter registration. President Boyle, who had known Kukovich for a very long time, introduced him.

What intrigued me most about Kukiovich's talk was that he addressed the reasons why voters often don't vote. In all honesty I've thought about those reasons myself. He addressed the idea that many people share: "I'm not going to vote because I don't agree with any of the candidates." OR "I'm not voting because none of the candidates please my interests." So in order to "get back" at the politicians that so thoughtlessly forgot to calculate YOUR opinions into their campaign and their fight to make America better, you simply pull the oldest trick in the book: a boycott. The only problem is, the other half of the country isn't participating which makes it really hard to be effective. But good job! You're really sticking it to the man! Or are you?

After hearing much of what he had to say, I don't understand how people can be so clueless, inconsiderate, and self-obsorbed to not pay attention to the country that they live in, and how their future might be affected. Not voting does not change the country. And if you think the country doesn't need changed, not voting doesn't help it stay the same either. It does no good, and actually proves that you are a follower and not a leader. To have a great class, it takes participation from everyone. The same holds true for our nation, it takes participation. I'm not saying that every American HAS to vote, that's the beauty of our freedom, you don't have to. But I believe that if someone thinks by not voting they are proving a point, they're wrong. It's simply not true. Democrat or Republican, white or black, male or female, we all have the right to vote and should take advantage of every right we can, because you may not be able to somewhere else.

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I certainly agree with the core of your message: opting out of a vote does not make a statement.

However, as I say in my own blog, as a new voter I have sometimes felt overwhelmed by the political arena to the point where I have considered not voting; I would rather not vote at all than make an uninformed vote. I wasn't trying to be inconsiderate or self-absorbed, I just felt my search for a candidate's stance was met with political jargon and noncommittal statements. But, that's no excuse for me or others who may feel like me. It something I as a voter, and all voters, must take on and conquer.

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