Recoiling Eyes?

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Discussion of text: Kilian - Chapter 2

"This is sure to drive your readers away: the eye recoils from unbroken masses of text whether on a printed page or a computer screen." - 14

I had to include this passage. It deals more specifically with the topic of my last blog entry, I Want It Now, but would feel ashamed if I wouldn't have included it on this one as well. It's the truth. I know, because I've experienced it. Perhaps that's why Kilian often write in short paragraphs in the book? Anyway, I think it's a great tip because no one wants to do the work for what they want to read, they want it given to them, preferably in small, interesting-looking paragraphs.

"If you're tempted to begin an orienting statement with, 'As you probably know,' you can probably drop the statement altogether." - 21

This statement is part of the Orientation step of the Three Principles of Webtext. It deals with minimalism, which I think is an extremely important tip to utilize. I had a flashback to the Spring of '06 when I was in a class called Introduction to Literary Study. I had a certain professor who helped me learn how to cut out "wordiness" in my papers. In areas that I thought I was being creative, witty, or even just trying to be more clear, I found that at time I could cut out entire phrases and words that weren't necessary. In fact, by taking out those words it enhanced the clarity of what I was trying to say or as Kilian would put it, the Information of my webtext.

So far, I find Kilian really understandable and relatable. I'm enjoying this text very much.

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