Anyone remember Atari?

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The readings for today really sent me back in time, like they did for Jackie. Like most of the other people blogged, I found it very interesting to learn about who laid the ground work for all of the computer games we play today: Scott Adams (nothing like having two first names! -- not being sarcastic by any means). I really enjoyed reading what Scott and Dr. Jerz had to say about the beginnings of gaming and the lessons Scott learned through his years of experience. For example, letting the players tell you how to revise the game.

I know it is a bit before my time, but I remember playing the Atari when I was young. Now look at all of the Rockband, and Mario Kart (as Chelsea would put it) games we have. They all started with basic concepts and evolved into more complex systems. I feel this is what is happening to me in EL 236. In a sense, I have started with basic (and I mean BASIC) online skills. And now I'm evolving into a webwriter.

Atari Game System

I wanted to add... what did everyone think about the game that Adams designed, Adventureland? Do you think that you would have been able to play it and discover all of the puzzles? I liked what the readings said about the word games being more fun than the animated games. The mind really is more creative than the limits that pictures can put on things. With words, we get to basically create our own pictures in our head. I think that's really neat. But in complete honesty I think I would be bored out of my mind by the first three challenges, not because the game itself is boring, but because I'm so accustomed to today's fast-paced, instant pudding culture that I wouldn't want to sit and wait to figure out the puzzle. I would want to get there quickly and (even though I don't think I have ADD) I bet "my attention deficit disorder" would set in and I'd be done with it. How about you?

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