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In EL 236 Writing for the Internet one of our required text books was Writing for the Web 3.0 by Crawford Kilian. I personally had no experience with the internet and online writing previous to this class. As a newbie web writer, I feel this book helped me immensely and would be very lost and confused without it. Through repitition, and easy-to-follow tips, this book helped me become a better and has brought me to a basic level of publishing material on the web.

Many of my classmates feel the same way as I do. But, others felt that the book was perhaps too basic, or too repetitive, as did I at times. The book seemed to cross over with a lot of information addressing journalism, which I briefly experienced in my Newswriting class. Therefore, I feel the book may have been more effective if a few changes would be made.

If another edition were to be published, I have some ideas that may make it a more effective book for people in my situation.

What I liked about the book (and what some other's didn't like) was simplicity of the text. I liked how Kilian put things into lists and tips and made them easy to follow and understand. For example, in Chapter 4 Kilian puts together a list of rules to follow when writing web-text. I really found this chapter useful because it was easy to follow and applicable. It even spawned an entry on my blog basically re-capping Kilian's chapter in a creative way called "The 10 Webtext-ments".

A few things that I didn't like about the text were that it was definitely geared toward the corporate world. I can't take much away from this because I'm a student who's learning how to write webtext. If you take a look at my blog, Are two heads better than one?, I show that I understand what Kilian is talking about, yet can't really apply it to my webwriting. The information is useful, just not quite applicable.

Secondly, as I said before about the text having a journalistic approach, I think it may be incorporated too much. What I mean is that Kilian may be able to cut back on the stylistic types of things, and perhaps had more information applying to html. I'm not saying more information about formatting, but perhaps a happy medium between the basics of html, and cut out the repetitive information dealing with effective journalistic writing.

Overall i really enjoyed the book and hope to see a fourth edition.

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