Creative Hypterext - Part II

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I chose to investigate for 30 minutes, Faith by Robert Kendall.

I plunged into Faith with the intent to "get something out of it" and came out with a realization that it is much, much deeper than a nice-looking, pretty poem that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It is a creation, that must have taken Kendall a lot of time and energy to create. It is a work of art, not just a few rhyming lines that someone threw together.

The poem is a series of 5 slides and with each new slide, the existing words on the page are formatted and disected to create new words that, when read in order, create a message. By the end, the reader is left with a final phrase that "sums up" the poem.

There were a few major things that I noticed about this poem upon a second, third, and fourth look. First of all the sounds. The sounds were NOT, as I stated in my earlier blog entry, sounds of a type writer, but rather, they were musical instruments. No doubt, they were strategically placed in certain areas for effect (I will look into this when I do a more engaged reading of the poem). The sounds consist of a triangle-type instrument, or a high-pitched bell. Next there was some type of harp, or a soft piano. Also, another instrument that sounded more synthetic, like beams or something of that nature. Not much percussion, except the tap of a drum here and the quick shake of a "rainmaker" perhaps there. To give you a sense, the musica gave me the feeling of the background music to the movie, "Field of Dreams." In case you've never seen it and my reference means nothing to you, the music is a mystical, eerie, strange type sound. Not necessarily creepy, it just gives the viewer/listener the feeling of something unknown.

The other thing I noticed was the different colored text. It, likewise had some sort of meaning (which I will further research in my next viewing). The colors used were simple shades. There are 4 all together: black, yellow, red, and maroon. Each new color is introduced with each new slide making it evident to the reader which new words were added and which existed before.

This poem seems to have much deeper meaning beyond the level of the surface that I will investigate further and engage in in my next entry.

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