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Andrew M. Lonigro

808 North Jefferson Street

Connellsville, PA 15425

Phone: 724-984-8537




  • Energetic person with a positive outlook on education
  • Firmly believe that every child can learn especially when taught in a creative and engaging way
  • Rooted in strong work ethic as evidenced by collegiate athletic participation, involvement in extra-curricular activities, and grade point averages.



Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA                                                        2005-Present

  • Major: English/Creative Writing also pursuing secondary teaching certification
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.8
  • Expected Graduation Date: May 2009


Connellsville Area High School, Connellsville, PA                                  2001-2005

  • GPA: 3.74; Class Rank: 28/425
  • Recipient of Tim Bollibon Award
  • Nominated for WPIAL Student/Athlete of the Year


Professional Experience:

Writing Consultant                                                                                               2006-Present

Seton Hill University Writing Center and ESL Studies                            Greensburg, PA

  • Tutor undergraduates as well as graduate and adult students in areas of English pertaining to writing
  • Engage in helping them understand and develop their own individual writing process
  • Create a learning atmosphere that discourages directive teaching and encourages the student-lead development of the individual’s writing skills


TSS for autistic child                                                                                            2006-2007

Alliance Health Wraparound South, Inc.                                                     Uniontown, PA

  • Worked with an 8 year old autistic boy at a YMCA day camp
  • Motivated child to step beyond his comfort level and engage in socially broadening conversations and situations
  • Served as a positive role model for a child with behavioral and emotional deficiencies
  • Diffused potentially harmful situations by diverting the child’s attention to positive thoughts or ideas


Orientation Assistant                                                                                         2007-Present

Seton Hill University                                                                                           Greensburg, PA

  • Represent the university in a positive and responsible way
  • Provide freshmen and other first-year students with the information they need to succeed at the university
  • Make new students feel comfortable and accepted into the Seton Hill community by engaging in meaningful conversation and answering questions honestly and truthfully



Big Brothers Big Sisters Program                                                                    2007-Present

Metzger Elementary                                                                                            Greensburg, PA

  • Provide a positive male role model for a child who had social deficiencies
  • Engage in simple, fun activities to create a positive enjoying time for the child


English Club                                                                                                            2007-Present

Seton Hill University                                                                                           Greensburg, PA

·         Serve as Treasurer

·         Exercise responsibility and dedication in the handling of financial information


Men’s Varsity Basketball Team                                                                       2005-Present

Seton Hill University                                                                                            Greensburg, PA

·         Three-year member of the team

·         Engage in a competitive atmosphere where teamwork is integral to success


Habitat for Humanity                                                                                         2007-2008

Seton Hill University                                                                                          Greensburg, PA

·         Worked with a team of volunteers building houses in Birmingham, Alabama for families in need of a home

·         Exhibit the act of charity in taking a stance for economic justice



Kim Pennesi                                                                      Philip Dorazio

Seton Hill University                                                       Alliance Health Wraparound South, Inc.

Writing Center and ESL Coordinator                         Director

Phone: (724) 830-1080                                   Phone: (724) 430-0098

Email:                    Email:


Heidi Eutsey

Connellsville Area High School

English Teacher

Phone: (724) 628-1350

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Glad to see you have a "positive outlook on education."

Hi, I think your resume is great. And I believe I learn a lot from you. (

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