Round 2

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It's round 2 and it's time to re-cap how far I've come in EL 236. My Portfolio 2 is in many ways different than my Porfolio 1 not simply because of different entries. This round is different because I don't feel that I'm struggling to stay on my feet, that I'm barely breathing and trying to keep my head above water. This time, I've let the new concepts (of html and web writing) sink in and have actually put them into practice. I have to say that I'm proud of myself. I feel like I can actually apply the information we've been learning instead of simply going through the steps. This is evident through my blogs and through the work I've done.

This portfolio captures my reactions, critical thoughts, and ability to learn new concepts through the links to my entries that are posted as follows:

Coverage: All of my entries met the requirements for including a quote, linking to the source, and also linking back to the course website. So, because of rendundancy, I decided to only include the links that aren't found somewhere else in this portfolio. All my entries are apparent, just not under the coverage heading.

Timeliness: In the world of "academic blogging" or at least in our little world of EL 236, the key to having others interact on your entries is timeliness. The earlier you get your blog up, the more of a chance there is that people will look at it and respond. Here are a few entries that I blogged at least 24 hours ahead of time.

Interaction: It's interesting to think that interaction is our goal for blogging. I feel that I've had a good blog if I get comments from my peers. It makes me feel like I did my job and that I'm interesting. These are a few entries where I feel I have attracted meaningful comments from otherson my blog.

Depth: The depth category is usually difficult to fulfill because much of what we blog are quick reactions to readings, or initial thoughts. However, in this round I took some extra time and put some more effort into my blogging. These are a few examples of my in-depth blogs that go beyond the initial personal reaction to a specific reading.

  • The 10 "Webtext-ments"
  • is an entry where I compared Crawford Kilian's 10 tips to writing webtext to the 10 commandments.
  • Blender Blog
  • is where I inspired a blog on Dr. Jerz's blog which attracted a comment from the author of our book, Crawford Kilian.
  • Creative Hypertext: Part III
  • is where I take a deep, critical look into a hypertext poem called Faith.

Discussion: This category is where we get the most learning done. I believe that it is through discussion that we teach each other, which is why the blogging system is so effective. Here are a few entries where I engaged in meaningful conversation with my peers and discussed academic issueson their blogs.

As you can see, I feel I am making strides in my online skills and hopefully, this reflective portfolio is a good sign of how much more I will learn this semester.

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