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I went to Wikipedia and typed in Pittsburgh Steelers. I found a very informative article about the organization. I really enjoyed the images included and the amount of effort that went into supplying the information. There are obviously some people out there that love the Steelers and made sure there was much information on the team. I went to the "edit this page" tab and the changable text of the article came up. It said that I wasn't logged in but I still went ahead and made a change and saved it. It seems that it would be fairly easy for any user to go in and change text, but from what Dr. Jerz discussed in class, someone would discover this change quickly and fix it. It's also pretty neat to look at the discussion and history sections of the page. The discussion section showed how people actually go back and forth and discuss what's best for the page. I think this is great and shows how when people act together correct information is the result.

I also took a look at the Seton Hill University and Saint Vincent College entries in the Wikipedia database. An obvious difference was the image that Seton Hill's page had of it's campus, but Saint Vincent didn't have one. I also think Seton Hill had a much more in-depth page. It's page discussed the departments and the programs within each while Saint Vincent's page didn't do that. However, SVC's page did have a tradition section which SHU's didn't. It also seems that the Saint Vincent page had a little more activity on the discussion and history pages. Perhaps this shows that more people have looked at the site and wanted to change and edit it. Overall though, both sites are very similar.

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