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What I took away most from doing some research on wikipedia is the fact that through all of the attention the site gets and the reputation it has, Wikipedia's main goal is to help all people.

My pre-knowledge of Wikipedia is very blurred. I knew it was a quick way to find info about a particular subject but I had no clue about as to how reliable it was. I didn't know if anyone could go in and edit the entries. Because of this I was concerned. But as I read Wikipedia's Key Policies and Guidelines, I learned that the main goal for Wikipedia is to create a large base encyclopedia for anyone to access with reliable information. From the tone of the article, I quickly realized that Wikipedians don't mess around. They want solid information in their entries. No garbage.

In reading Wkipedia's Five Pilars, I also realized that Wikipedia doesn't want any biased information in its entries. Becuase the goal is to help all people it must have a neutral, unbiased presentation of information. I have more respect for Wikipedia now that I understand what it stands for and the effort that goes into keeping it reliable.

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