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Well I started this process with two general directions to send my website: coaching and writing. I'd like to design a site that I'd be able to use when applying for teaching and coaching jobs after graduation. I want it to prove that I'd be an effective coach and English teacher. I had also talked to Kim Pennesi about creating a website for SHU's writing center. This would include information about writing for anyone to access.

* * *

So what I've narrowed it down to so far is a web site for writing information and tips that is geared toward specific groups on campus. For example I could have a page for commuter students, athletes, adult students, high school students, freshmen, etc. I haven't come up with the exact groups I want to use but any suggestions would be very helpful. I also think I'll include aspects of the Writing Center which would include handouts for users to print out, tips for writing, and perhaps some excercises. I think a FAQ page would be appropriate as well.

So for a basic outline I was considering the following:

I really don't want to be cheesy but what can I say, I want to have fun with it. What do you think about "Heading in the Write Direction" or "The Write Direction"? The Writing Center's online forum is called "Write On!" so I wanted to steer clear from that. Any other suggestions you can think of?

I'd like to have a title, something like Jackie had for our online resumes. Also a navigation bar that would easily let you navigate to any one page quicker than scrolling. For the meat of the page I was thinking of having some famous people quoting why writing is important. Perhaps pictures or some other sort of visual art. Also, some brief information about writing: maybe different kinds of papers, different areas of writing (i.e. journaism or different genres). Things like that.

Internal pages:
Like I said I'd like to have internal pages that are geared toward specific groups. Here are a few groups I had in mind:

  • commuter students

  • athletes

  • adult students

  • grad students

  • high school students

  • freshmen

  • non-writing majors

  • international or ESL students

  • I'd like to gear each page toward that specific group including common problems that the group may face. Perhaps FAQs for each group or handouts that would be specifically geared for those individuals.

    * * *

    So that's basically where I stand with it now. It's neat cause I'm actually excited to do this. It's something that I want to do and I feel that I'm good at. I'm also looking at this to use in the future and not just to get a good grade in class so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas and would like to eventually be a part of this, you're more than welcome to.

    Let me know what you think.

    Others' ideas.

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    I know you have a lot of internal pages to do, but I also think that you should have a page that is not geared toward students at all. A regular person could just click on the website, and when they see that it has a bunch of pages for students, they may just give up and leave. I think that might keep a little extra traffic coming back. Otherwise, your project sounds really good. I wish I was doing something like that.

    I think this is a really great idea. Students would appreciate an easy access website that can help them with their writing skills. I think anyone who has writing skills should share with others who don't because writing can be very hard for a lot of people. So this website will surely help people out and I can't wait to see how it turns out!! I also like your idea for the name "The Write Direction" Thats clever! :) And as long as you make this website a fun learning experience too, I think users will really enjoy it!!

    Awesome. I was thinking that the writing center could use a website outside of Griffingate. You should also make sure Kim lets you clock-in while you're working on it. Also, I have piles of information and handouts related to ESL (all in PDF) left over from an online teaching ESL course I took. If you want any of them, let me know. I can e-mail them or something.

    Ok great thanks.

    Jed I like the idea of having a page NOT geared toward students. Perhaps having a more general website that includes handouts and internal pages for specific areas of writinng be a better idea. And maybe one internal page that lists the categories I have above and advice for them.

    David, I think I might take advantage of your handouts for ESL. Those would be a great help. Thanks.

    I love the idea Andy. (Yes, I'll be a tester for it too.) But also I like "Heading in the Write Direction" better - just because you can't promise that this site will solve all of someone's writing needs. (Unless that was your plan then nevermind.)

    I really like that you're making a site to benefit the University too - but if I were you I'd seriously look into Jed's idea so writers of all kinds can be drawn to your site, not just students.

    Feel like staying up until 3am again? haha

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