Bus Plunge: Illness or a Symptom?

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The first thing I noticed was how similar all of the bus plunge stories were to each other.  While I still am only going to focus on two stories, I am sure the comparisons between the two stories I chose would still be relevant to most any bus plunge story that occurs in a foreign nation.  But the two stories I chose were "Five children killed in bus crash" (from China) by United Kingdom based Press Association, and "Peru bus crash kills 22, injures 31" (from Peru) by USA Today.


The first thing I found that the stories had in common was their length.  The two stories were only five paragraphs in length, and were around 125 words long.  The paragraphs in "Five children killed in bus crash" were only one sentence in length, while the first and third paragraphs of "Peru bus crash kills 22, injures 31" were two sentences long.  Both stories noted or implied that the accidents were part of a larger problem in those nations.  "Five children killed in bus crash" also contained a grammar error.


Like I mentioned earlier, all of these stories occurred in foreign counties.  I'm sure that a bus careening off of Martin Luther King bridge in St. Louis wouldn't be relegated to a five-paragraph story tucked into the back corner of A14.  I also noticed that most of these bus plunge stories originated from were countries with less developed infrastructures, and that the tragedies were somewhat commonplace.  How are accidents like these handled by the news in places where a bus plunge isn't all that unusual?


And another thing to look at, there were two stories about a person in a bus plunge in a foreign country (who were from the same country as the news organization), that were both over two to three times longer than any of the other bus plunge stories.  "Peru bus crash kills 22, injures 31" only added an extra sentence to the first paragraph to note that "two Dutch tourists and a Colombian" were also killed in the crash covered.

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