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   Hello!  My name is Angela Palumbo.  I am a student at Seton Hill University.  I am currently taking an Introduction to Literature (EL150) course here taught by Dr. Jerz.  Almost every day, we have to create a blog entry on what we've read.  If you haven't already run across my blog entries, I feel bad for you.  Just kidding.  Seriously, I am really proud of my work.  I have turned all of my blogging in on time (24 hours before class) and all my entries are linked back to the course website which may describe in greater depth what I'm blogging about.  I have learned that I am not completely computer illiterate by blogging every day.  I have also gotten to know some of my classmates better.  Some of my blog entries are obviously better than others but I tried as hard as I could to make good connections and give my point of view.  You don't have to agree with me and if you don't, just say something.  We could get a good debate started. 

   I have broken my entries down into categories:


Timeliness: (Like I said, I turned everything in on time but here is an example.)



  • In Awww...Billiam Shakespeare.  I do love thee.  I give a more in depth analysis of Falstaff's character to reveal that he isn't as big of an idiot as some people may think.
  • The Dead Bird demonstrates my ability to take things that I learned from Foster and apply them to other course material.
  • Conformity is for weaklings shows my ability to notice subtle hints that the author leaves for us. 
  • In Pushing Up Daisies I talk about the literary meaning of the name Daisy, applied it to a book that I read in the past (The Great Gatsby) as well as my own life.  


  • These guys are goofs! demonstrates an interaction that my classmates had with me.  I then linked that page to a response I had to a classmate's blog. 
  • Jeanine's entry Hello Ugly!  You're looking beautiful today.  I responded to her comment about her boyfriend with a comparison to my own boyfriend.  I linked her page and my page to one another.  This could also easily fit in my coverage section.
  • On Erica's entry, Life, Death, and Poetry, I left a lengthy comment to assert my opinion.
  • On Angelica's blog, Eagles and Robins, I had a possible interpretation for lines in Emily Dickinson's poem "Victory Comes Late."  


Just for fun check this one out: The Merry Wives of Austin Powers


Excellent work, Angela!

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