Pushing Up Daisies

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"In any case, once you pay attention to the name game, you pretty much know things will end badly, since dasies can't flourish in the winter, and things do" (How to Read Like a Professor by Foster pg. 178)

   When I read this quote about the name Daisy, I was a bit disturbed.  The reason for this is personal.  My lovely German shepherd -lab mix's name is Daisy.  To think that Daisy carries that meaning in literature was discouraging because I think that it is a lovely name.  All personal connections aside, I can understand what is meant by naming a character this.  One of my favorite books came to mind after I thought about my dog.  In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, his love interest's name is Daisy, Daisy Buchanan.  She, like the flower and like the book describes, is pretty but eventually suffers because of her husband's infidelity.  I would have never thought that her name would be any indication to the type of life that she would lead!  I find reading Foster's book exhilerating because it gives me new takes on books that I have read.  It is exciting that the author leaves little clues about people and events before they happen.


Angela, your whole journey through English will likely be just as exciting, because as you read more works, you'll have even more opportunities to make these connections.

Erica Gearhart said:

I agree that it is really interesting that authors choose names, places and other aspects of their works so carfully. Just as you mentioned in your blog concerning Glaspell's play, the different meanings of "trifles" is just one way that that author chose to leave "clues" that provide insight into the plot and characters.

Angelica Guzzo said:

I really enjoyed reading your agenda item. I agrree that authors use names as a way to trigger the readers imagination. I also liked how you included Gatsby in your explaination. I had read that book too and think it fits perfectly.

Marsha Banton said:

Usage of names that means something to us or triggers a weak thought can be hard to deal with at times. It makes ne wonder, what this name may have meant to the writer, if anything.

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