The Merry Wives of Austin Powers

| | Comments (2) this isn't your traditional blog entry.  I just  watched Austin Powers Goldmember and I couldn't help but notice a few scenes that reminded me of "The Merry Wives of Windsor."  Yes, I guess you could call me a bit of an English geek, but I'm alright with that. 

   There is a scene where Beyonce...I mean Foxxy Cleopatra, was pushing Austin in a laundry bin while she was in disguise.  A character from the movie that I will call "Fat Illegitamate Child" threw his soiled sumo diaper on Austin and I couldn't help but think of Falstaff being smuggled away undetected by Ford in the dirty clothes.  Unlike Falstaff, Austin freaks out and jumps out of the laundry bin with several diapers on his head. lol.  Because this movie makes fun of popular culture, I wonder if they didn't put a little bit of Shakespeare in on purpose. 

   The many different accents of Mike Myers in the film also reminds me of the quirky characters Cauis and Evans who speak bad English.  The Host takes no time in making fun of them.  In Goldmember, the character that bears the film's name (and isn't Austin) is ridiculed for his bad English.  His pronunciation of the word "father" as "fawsha" is quite funny.


Greta Carroll said:

That is really interesting Angela. Talk about seeing Shakespeare everywhere! But I bet they knew very well that they were slipping in a little Shakespeare. Good connection.

Stephanie Wytovich said:

I'm pretty sure that your entry just made my night hahaha! What a great comparison! :)

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