Eagles and Robins

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Emily Dickinson

“Crumbs fit such little mouths,              

Cherries suit robins;    
The eagle's golden breakfast    
Strangles them.” (Dickinson 10)

This quote made me think of a picnic in the park. I picture eating while “eagles” and “robins” are flying around.  The birds are eating the leftovers. To me an eagle represents dominance. The eagle’s food “strangles them” because the robins aren’t as protective. They are also much smaller. Eagles are also more observant birds. They can see where the food is before the robins get a chance.    


Angela Palumbo said:

While rereading these few lines I came up with a possible interpretation. The "eagle's golden breakfast" might actually be referring to the sun itself, the Son of God. The closer we get to God, the farther we seem away from him because we realize that we will never be able to match his goodness. The Eagle who flies too high in the Earth’s atmosphere will either be strangled by the thinning air or scotched by the heat. Emily is portraying that God wants us to be closer to him but when we try, it only seems that he pushes us even further away. This matches the theme of anger towards God that Monteiro points out in this poem.

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