Foster, "How to Read Literature Like a Professor."

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At first I thought this book was going to be a book that was almost painful to read.  But as I started reading it, I realized the book was written almost as if it was a one-way conversation between the author and myself.  It was an interesting read. The first page interested me and I was pulled in, as silly as that sounds.  Before I knew it I had finished the selections and was ready to write this blog about a quotation I found interesting and I have to say I believe it was this...

"But it just looked like a trip to the store for some white bread. 

True.  But consider the quest.  Of what does it consist?  A knight, a dangerous road, a Holy Grail (whatever one of those may be), at least one dragon, one evil knight, one princess.  Sound about right?"

I really enjoyed this because it made me starting thinking about every other book I have ever read.  And this quote just about describes, in a round about way, the plot of all the books I personally have read.  Why?  Because there is always some kind of mission, a girl, a man, a danger, and someone trying to stop the man and girl from completing their mission.  

Foster just has a way of making me laugh about what he's saying.  It's funny and insightful at the same time.  It tells me what's going on in a way that keeps me interested.  I'm almost excited to continue reading.  


Rachael Sarver said:

I'm really glad someone else (and hopefully everyone) is enjoying this book as much as I am! The author does have a way of connecting with readers that makes a dull topic interesting to the reader. I also liked the quote you picked out "But it just looked like a trip to the store for some white bread." I think this could apply to life as well. Life in many ways is full of dragons, evil knights, and holy grails. And what seemed to be a simple trip for white bread may end up a quest.

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