Broken, Bitter Heart

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"When true love broke my heart in half, 
I took the whiskey from the shelf,
And told my neighbors when to laugh.
I keep a dog, and bark myself.

Ghost cried out to ghost-
But who's afraid of that?
I fear those shadows most
That start from my own feet."
-The Surly One

This poem really stuck out to me because of how well it described the bitterness one feels when they have their heart broken. All I saw when I was reading this was a man with his bottle of whiskey standing on the porch and the neighbors starting at him.  I pictured him telling them to laugh now because later he'd get back at them.  I imagined him yelling along when his dog starts barking.  Everything seems so clearly pictured.  Sadly, he isn't really yelling at anyone in particular.  He's upset at himself.  Maybe he messed up?  Was it something he did?  He fears what he did or what he could do.  He's scared of the shadow of himself.  

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