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I will be the first to say that I am probably one of the most computer illiterate people on the face of the earth.  Someone can show me how to do something x-amount of times so I apologize if I didn't do my entries correctly. At first, and sometimes still, I didn't understand why these blogs are so important.  After a while, I did realize that they do help.  I read other's blogs and I recognize that someone noticed something that I didn't.  

Timeliness: these are the blogs that I completed on time.

Depth: these two blogs and the two that I feel I was able to make a good connection to the works.

Interaction: these blogs sparks small conversations

Coverage: I feel that these blogs covered what needed to be covered. I don't think I was trying to squeeze blood from a stone.


Annamarie, you're doing fine. The blogs are your opportunity to demonstrate what you've learned, and in my gradebook they replace quizzes and midterms, which in my mind don't really help the class discussion and cause more stress then they're worth.

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