Rich get money and the poor have babies.

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Page 92 "The rich get richer and the poor get -- children."

When I read this, I realized how true this statement is.  Those people who have money don't know how to do anything else but make more money.  In The Great Gatsby, it doesn't seem to me that Tom ever will or had any desire to help out anyone in a bad financial situation except his mistress.  And I don't believe he was trying to help her in anyway, he was only using her. Also, I don't believe anyone who is poor is going to make any attempt, in The Great Gatsby, to make more money.  Now, from what Fitzgerald states, he says that all the get is children.  In his mind is that all the poor people do? I guess so.  The more children the people families had, the more help they had.  There were more people to help clean, cook, and care for the other children.  There were more people to go out and work to earn more money.  So I suppose it all works out for both ends of the spectrum.


The rich get richer, the poor have children.

Actually if I'm not mistaken, that was from a song in the 20s. Yes Gatsby used it. Not sure who said it first though.

Depends on the circumstance. On the farm, yes, kids are a huge help. In the city, no, they're just extra mouths to feed.

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