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So, these blog things are not what I expected. I know I wrote previously about how much harder I wanted to try the second half of the semester, but it honestly just didn't happen.  I did try in the beginning to keep up but as the weather got nicer and my day dreaming got worse, I found it harder to focus on the books that were specifically chosen to keep my attention.  So, I'd like to apologize for not putting the effort into this blogging that it deserved.  

However, I did find it beneficial to do my catch up on the day of the final. It was a good review.  

Timeliness: These are the blogs that I blogged on time.  

Discussion: this is my only blog that sparked any kind of comment and I forgot to reply. 

Depth: These blogs are the ones I took the most time to write.

Others...These are blogs that I could not think of a category for.

I suppose in the end I've realized how much harder I should have worked. I just went along not putting much effort into anything and now I am paying the price. 

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