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Ok so perhaps these Kilian readings are a little boring. There seems to be a general concensus going around that its all easy concepts and things we've heard before. It is pretty basic but sometimes starting from the basics isn't so bad. Most of the things mentioned in Chapter 2 are obvious concepts to us as readers. No one likes to read pages and pages of text on a computer screen or look at a website that has has extreme clutter of images and video clips. But I think as creaters of webpages, it is important to look at the structure of a website because it is sometimes easy to make these simple mistakes that Kilian tells us to avoid.

A webpage is a lot like an advertisement. In fact, sometimes they are. They can have the same problems as a TV advertisement. A side note in the reading mentioned that viewers can watch an entire TV ad and not know what the product being sold is at the end of the speel. This is because the creators try so hard to find creative and clever ways of catching the viewer's eye and making them watch, even if that means sacrificing the message. Now that seems backwards. And yet I see it all the time in today's TV. The same goes with websites. I have gone to a website where I forgot why I came and what the site is actually for. So without taking the time to figure it out I click the exit button.

Catching your reader's or viewer's attention is the first step to attracting them to your information.Then comes the structure. Once they see that the site is user-friendly and efficient, the job is basically done. I am a very visual person so image is important. In my experiences with websites, I have found that simple designs and structure attract me much more than an overdone, in your face page. No one wants advertisements constantly popping up when you're trying to read an article or search for an answer. Having a detailed navigational system also makes me happy. This way I know where to go to find what I'm looking for.

I do not enjoy making websites yet but I have more respect for those who do make them. A lot of thought apparantly goes into the creating process.


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