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This chapter was very long. I have heard this information before but some of it is new to me and the information I have heard before has not been pounded into my head probably because I haven't had too much experience with creating any websites. However, I have looked at webpages from the perspective that Kilian talks about. Sometimes you have to say, what was this designer thinking? Or wow, this site is really awesome, I wonder what made them think to connect this concept with that concept.

It's true that a lot of times with readers will only scan a webpage for the information they are looking for and usually lose interest very quickly if it doesn't have anything to offer. I am guilty of this. But it's not actually a guilty feeling, it's more like a common, natural sequence of actions. Kilian talks about hooking your reader. I get hooked by an organized webpage with little color, images, large print, and navigation. These are all pretty simple concepts, but simple attracts me. I know that somewhere in this book it mentions that as a creator, you should stay away from links that state > click here for blah blah blah...< Or >This explains....< But I think that this can sometimes be helpful. I know Dr. Jerz mentioned it is a good tactic to intersperse links that are relevent to what you are informing people about, throughout your paragraphs. And, this is a good way to give other's more information in the hopes that they can make the conncection they are looking for. But, back to my earlier point; sometimes it's just easier to be direct and make it easy for viewers to find answers without having to read an entire essay or follow links to a bunch of other sites. Generally, I think there are good and bad times to have this kind of a website.

When reading and creating a website, I totally agree with bullets! Bullets are a lifesaver when your eyes get tired from reading long lines of text or staring at big bulks of words. Bullets break up text and almost make the content easier to understand because it is so direct easy to read.

Thats pretty much all I have to say about Chapter 3, even though there was so much information. I forget how much thought goes into designing a good/great website. I guess now I will have more appreciation for the sites that I often use.


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