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Again, I have to state (as in a previous Kilian blog) that I never think about how much thought goes into making a website that is not only good, but pleasing to viewers.

Targeting an audience is very important. I am learning that in one of my communications classes as well. Just like the presidential candidates have targeted audiences for their platforms on what they stand for, corporate websites work the same way. However, in the case of corporate websites, they should be targeted at many audiences (basically the general public).This shows viewers that you care about their wants and needs.

In class I know we discussed testing websites and how well the viewer can understand and navigate through the site. Seton Hill's website was mentioned and not neccessarily as a well put together site. I liked the style of the website last year and I know they made some tweaks to it this year. When I first checked out the site as a prospective student, I noticed the prospective students link and thought that was a pretty good place to start. From there I was able to apply online and the rest is history! I'm anxious to see and test the design of the newest version.

Corporate websites are very centralized around you (much like most college websites). There goal is to attract you to "buy what they're selling". It is important to be flexible about what you are demanding of your audience. Being over the top or in your face with ways of attracting a viewer can drive them away. I feel like this happens a lot. There is either too much business going on in the page, the page is not eye pleasing, it is difficult to navigate, etc. Kilian is simply trying to warn us corporate web writers!

These readings should keep us prepared!...hopefuly.  

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