Castro the evil dictator

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I'm glad to see other people had difficulty with these tasks. I have never created a web page in an html format. Actually, I have never created anything in an html format so I am still getting used to how it works.

I feel like everything I tried to view on my webpage-in-progress was all wrong. Nothing showed up how it was suppose to and all the letters and sentences were blocks on the page. I'm also not sure if we were suppose to put in our own content for the webpage or use the book's examples. I went with the book but that's probably because I didnt know any other way!

Anyway, I hope this comes more easily but I can't help but feel behind on all this html-ing.

ps. I'm all about partner working!




Dave said:

I love the title. Haha. We have got the HTML sorted out now though, right?

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