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 I have to agree with many of my classmates on the fact I have heard and read several accounts on proper email etiquette. (Writing Effective Email: Top 10 Tips) However, I do agree that it is neccessary to be addressed; especially in college (and above) levels. Email is a great way to be personal and responsive without having to ask someone for their number or take the time to write out a letter. Email addresses are also easier to remember than street addresses. 

I like the layout in which the article was written. It was easy to read with the 10 listings of tips. This method was also preached in the article about making your emails the same way; short and to the point.People like bullets and numbers! This tends to be a struggle of mine when being professional because I tend to be short with my friends which could come off as rude to a person of importance that I may be writing to.

One thing I have noticed in my emailing history, is that even though I make the effort to be professional and proofread, my responders, including professors, bosses, and other important people, often do not do the same. However, I do not always disagree with a simple one word response. It's short and to the point.





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