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When Young Teachers Go Wild on the Web.

Once facebook came out, I had a feeling it would get a lot of people in trouble. I tried to stay away from it as long as possible but all the talk about it would not stop! So, I broke down and set up a page. After that, I was hooked. Yes I put up pictures and edit my page... alot... but I am usually careful about images and information I give out.

I never expected the whole facebook rave to hit adults and more specifically teachers! Whenever I hear of a teacher having a facebook, I kind of cringe. Why? If they are using it for mainly networking purposes etc, then that makes sense. But to be cool with the crowd or check up on kid's pages? That seems a little werid. Let kids be kids! Facebook is not the only way to know what people are doing every day.

As far as teachers being punished for racy facebook pages, I'm not too sure how I feel about that. I think that a slap on the wrist or a light punishment is acceptable the first time but then further charges should be pushed. These teachers in the article getting in trouble and trying to defend themselves for their online behavior is rather funny. They should know better... but shouldn't we all?

I am however, a firm believer in employers checking up on you on facebook. They are smart to know that, if they want to know the "real" you, it can probably be displayed on facebook. So when it comes time to job hunt, clean up your facebook! 

And please, please, please get rid of it when you are at least 30! (35 maybe)

EL236: What Happens Online, Stays Online


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