Kilian Chapter 4

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"....the basics of good writing are the same in any medium."

I feel refreshed that Kilian mentions this statement in the beginning of this chapter. I enjoy writing papers for the most part and that is what I'm used to. It's refreshing to know that just because technology around us is changing, doesn't mean that our old skills are going out the window and we have to learn all over again about how to write. Being a well rounded writer is probably one of the best quailities you can have. And that doens't neccessarily mean writing for different mediums. It can be the style in which you write or the reasons you write. Writing i the passive vs. active voice as Kilian mentions in this chapter is a specific way of writing for a website. It is more fitting to write in a direct way (without using I or you) instead of writing in an active voice.

It is also important to use simple sentences. But let me tell you, there are SEVERAL online articles that I have read that go on and on with run on sentences and 50 links before the period. You can find that in books too though. And I'm sure many people find grammatical errors annoying because it always makes you wonder how credible the source is.  

They say to avoid cliches, but I kind of like to use the occassional cliche as long as it is used in good taste. For example, stating that it is cliche and explaining the use for it or working it in in some witty manner.

So basically I got from this, watch your grammar and sentence structure just like you would when writing a paper. 


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