Kilian Chapter 5

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This chapter contained information about editing text. In the writing process I really do enjoy editing; not always my own text but reading over others and finding mistakes is kind of satisfying. Not that I criticize. I don't like criticizing. I guess it's just making comments or throwing out suggestions.

Well with that out of the way, I thought this chapter was kind of boring. I don't actually like reading about editing, just doing it. I know by now that you should be careful not to be bias in many ways. I'll admit that it definitely happens but the concept to be nonbias has already been taught to me; same goes with sex, disabilities, age, etc. You never want to offend any of your readers.

As I scimmed through these tips on making sure you catch the little things in your writing, I found some new and old tricks. It could have been a lot more boring but I like the way Kilian kind of ties in his own experience and examples to make it a bit more interesting.  

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