The Truth Comes Out

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"Be conservative in what you do; be liberal in what you accept from others." - Shwartz: The Trolls Among Us

 I am personally amazed at the stories that the reporter Shwartz took up. I feel a little bit naive because I didn't know hacking, MySpace creating, or trolling were so common online. Innocent people are being tortured and harrassed. Yes, I have heard stories of harrassment online before but nothing like this. Groups of people and individuals getting together to purposely attack people who are willing to fall for their tricks, just to get a
"lulz". It seems as though their motives are to kick people off the internet for good because they don't see eye to eye. How is this fair? How is any of this moral? The internet is suppose to be an extention to freedom of speech.

 Frankly, I'm tired of people pushing the limits and seeing how much they can get away with. Tempting as it is, you now have to realize that you won't be the only one with consequences for your poor internet decisions. The people you target get recieve most of the harm; sometimes that means endangering someone's life (or someone who is already dead, like Mitchell Henderson)

 I now have a new respect for the author of this article. Not just because it was an interesting piece and very well-written, but because of what he must have had to go through to get interviews with prospects like Fortuny. How scary would it be to go to his house or hang out with his friends? Obviously he is a very manipulative person, even to an adult. But it sounded like he got what he came for and left with the last word, "You seem to know exactly how much you can get away with, and you troll right up to that line," I said. "Is there anything that can be done on the Internet that shouldn't be done?"

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