You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea: My Portfolio #1

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As a New Media Journalism student, and a new journalism major at Seton Hill University, "new" seems to be a common word in my vocabulary. I thought I had an idea about the kind of classes I would be taking while I study journalism, but there have been some surprises (good and not so good). However, I am not scared away and I think that by interacting students on new levels with newer technology, especially in the current time we live in, makes for a good outlook in the future for any aspiring journalist.

This is my first portfolio. It entails almost all of the blogs I have posted in my Writing for the Internet class with Dr. Jerz. The class is all about exploring what the internet has out there for us. We don't just look at online writing like most would assume by looking at the class title. Emailing, reading from textbooks, creating web pages, and blogging are all ideas and activities that we contribute to as a class and as an individual. 

Since I, Anne Williams, am a new blogger, I have not yet branched out of the classroom and sometimes still hesitate to express my opinion too strongly. I can say, however, that I continue to receive insight from many of my fellow classmate's blog entries. I believe that learning by example is is one of the best ways to learn.

Here are some of my blog entries (and brief explanations of what they entail) that I have written over the past month in Writing for the Internet.


Long Live the Paper! - This entry was based off of some of Dr. Jerz's ideas about "how and why writing for the web differs from writing for paper." I chose to do further research on these differences and to address the issue of the newspaper and how newer media is affecting its availability and usage. This is a more in depth blog.

:( no smileys...well sometimes - Here, we were given the oppurtunity to voice our opinion on the invention of the smiley and other emoticons. The articles about the invention of the smiley and an essay against its existance are included in the entry. I was and kind of still am back and forth on this issue. 

What Should I Allow You to Say? - This is actually not my blog entry. It is a classmate (Jedidiah Fetterman) who's content I found interesting. I was the first to comment on this particular entry but noticed that it attracted some other thoughts.

The Other English Language - Again, this is a blog on Jacquelyn Johns site that I made a worth while comment on. It was her take on the use of internet or online language. I had to agree.

Facebook=Predictable - Here is an entry about online social networking based on the article that is linked in my blog, "What Happens Online, Stays Online." From the title you can see that I was not surprised by the affects of facebook.

The Truth Comes Out - This entry contains a quote from a passage we read about hacking and trolling on the internet. Trolling was a new concept for me so I learned a lot from this passage. Here I express my thoughts about online abusers who push the limits.

Email- a good way to go - We were given an article that included 10 tips on how to write a professional email. Here I express the importance of knowing when to write professionaly in an email and also on the conveinence of email. We also had an exercise in class on adressing an issue in a work place by sending an email that would be useful to coworkers. 

Kilian Chapter 1 - This is a recent blog on a text called "Writing for the Web 3.0" by Crawford Kilian. The title isn't very creative but it's just my reaction to the helpfulness of the author's ability to be frank and straight forward by the structure and content of the text.







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