Electronic Literature Texts Adventure

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Four Electronic Literature Texts:

RedRidinghood, The Cape, Carving in Possibilities, Self Portraits as Others 

As I was browsing the selection of Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1, I have to admit that I was "judging the books by their covers". I clicked on several of the small pictures that caught my attention the most. A lot of the ones that stuck out were colorful and animated, like the cartoon drawings. However, considering I do not have sound on my computer currently, I tried not to do any readings that incorporated sound. I also had trouble running and downloading the required interactive texts. So in the end, I think I was looking for something simple. I found four relatively easier to navigate readings to suit my technalogical problems.

Since this was a 30 minute brief on the my four choices, I can only describe my first impressions. RedRidinghood was my first choice because the title was familiar to me. I did not get to listen to it yet which plays a big part in the story and the style of the story as well. But I did like that it was animation that was like watching a movie and the story kind of plays out in front of you. You get to make decisions but its one at a time. I didn't feel overwhelmed with so many options in this one.

Cape was one of the squares I investigated later on. It didn't quite catch my attention on the first page and it was hard to understand the first time I went through the story. I like that the author suggests clicking and reading from left to right (like we are taught to do) and that he kept the pages plain but organized. There were only a few options and little information on each page but I feel as though there is more to this poem or story I suppose that meets the eye. It may just push me to find out what it's really about.

 I choose the Carving in Possibilities interactive story with a growing knowledge. I didn't know what to expect with the title and everything. The statue's face stood out to me but I didn't know how this one was going to play out. It was surprisingly awesome! It lets you mouse over a blurred picture of the same statue that is featured in the Volume Collection. As you mouse over the statue's face, sentences appear where-ever you move the mouse. The phrases don't change but the statue's face gets clearer and more defined as you make a story out of the sentences you choose. The only thing I found frustrating about this interaction (and I did it many times) was that several of the sentences were actually questions. Sometimes I felt like I didn't know enough information to answer these questions. But the more I did the activity the more I discovered.

Last but not least is the "Self Portraits as Others" piece. The thing that inspired me the most about it was the pictures of each artist. Their portrait was combined with several other artist's styles to produce a different portrayal of themselves. I really found the almost hidden feature of the scroll-over quotes and phrases that are also include in the artists portriat. I think it may be a way to define the artists after reading a little bit about them from the profiles on the side. I do have to say that the profiles were a little boring because it was a lot of text that was sometimes, uninteresting. 

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