Palin-Biden debate

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After reading this article on the speaking level of the two vice presidential candidates, I have one question? Why should this matter? People elect who they want as their president often based on their performances during public speaking invites like debates. So as intelligent and informed citizens (as we all should be), you can usually figure out who the better speaker is and who you can understand the most. Yes, we have to recognize that politicians, especially under the circumstances of a debate are going to use larger words and long sentences to baffle their opponent. But would you rather them address America as they would address their spouse at home? Or a daughter or son?

It would be pretty bad if a candidate spoke to America in informal ways but I would rather be able to understand the speaker and in a way be able to relate to what they were saying. In the vice presidential debate I felt that Palin was trying too hard to be smarter than Biden by making  things hard to understand. It caused her to slip up on a couple of occassions. Biden also used some terms that were unclear but he seemed to be speaking in a more natural state.

Either way I dont think statistics on speaking levels are going to sway my decision or change my opinion. I think that if someone can speak to an audience so that when every one walks out they are able to remember and repeat the key points that speaker made, then that truly shows they are a good speaker. So many people have different learning and understanding levels that to be able to basically assure that everyone was able to understand your speech is a great skill to have. 

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