Portfolio 2-Moving On...

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Portfolio 2: Anne Williams- sophomre-Journalism major

This is portfolio number two for me. It is similar to portfoilio one because it is compose of more recent blogs that I have written throughout this semester. We are required to have blogs that fit certain categories, like:

  • coverage
  • timeliness
  • interaction
  • depth
  • discussion

These blogs are written for my Writing for the Internet class, taught by Dr. Jerz. This portfolio focuses on styles of writing on the internet, such as creative hypertext stories and readings from the book Writing for the Web 3.0 by Crawford kilian. In a sense we are moving on from one genre of Web writing, to another. I am learning as I go.

There are a few things that are different about this portfolio. One thing is the richness of my essays. I think now I know how much to blog and what all to include for each assignment. 

I have gotten more into the habit of commenting on my classmates blogs and responding to the ones on my own. Although I could do more commenting, sometimes I don't want to comment on every blog subject. Sometimes I view my peer's blogs as examples instead of going in depth with a couple. This is something I could make more time for.

As far as timeliness goes, I have gotten all the major blogs and activities in on time, but there were a few (some Kilian readings) that I fell behind on.

Moving on, here are my most recent and noteworthy blogs from the second half of this semester.

Coverage- this shows that I am able to write a response to a reading we had for class and include links and passages from the text. 

Timeliness-This is pretty explanitory. It is some work that I was able to post on time onto the website. 

Interaction-These are some of my blog entries that interested people enough to comment on them.

Depth-These are usually "longer" blogs that are more essay style than short blog. It is writing in depth.

Discussion-This section has links other classmate's blogs that I have commented on and continued with in conversation.

Thank you for taking the time to look over my portfolio. Hopefully they keep getting better and I continue to keep up with this interaction, if not do more to include myself with my peers. It is one of the best ways to learn. 

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