Revision of Resume

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After recieving feedback and suggestions from my peers, I noticed many of them said the same things about my resume. This is nice that the areas of problem are consistent so that they are easier to fix.

First I fixed the spacing problems under the Jobs, Volunteer, and Community Work category. There were various amounts of space between the headings of my jobs and the positions. For example, Prospectors and Food service: banquet server.

I then added bulleted lists under Qualities and Specifications to break up the text and make it more eye catching. I also added bullets in a section of Goals and Prospects.

I cut out a good amount of text under Goals and Prospects because that was my biggest paragraph.

One big change I accomplished was using margins to get rid of the empty space I had at the top of my resume (beside Qualifications and Specialties). Dave showed me how to do this. It looks much better. I was considering putting a picture there but I dont want my face to be the main focus of an employer; I would rather my work be.

I added a link to my high school and I wanted to put more links on that included some noteworthy papers I wrote as a freshman but unfortunately I could not find my flash drive from last year which had all those papers saved on it...

A few last touch ups include the listing of my contact information in vertical form (going down) instead of horizontal (or straight across the screen). I also made my email a link to Outlook Express so people can email me directly.

I think I hit on everything and I hope to keep improving on my resume as long as I have it up! 


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