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I had one thought regarding the English Essay vs. News Story handout: to right now, make a fresh mental note to refrain from flowery writing and passive tense.  It is good to be aware of personal weaknesses--these are mine.


Greta Carroll said:

Yep, in news writing every word counts in some ways and in other ways they don't count at all. First, news articles will have a much wider readership than an academic paper (at least in most cases), so the writer needs to be extra careful what they write and how they write it. The language they use to express themselves could easily come under fire. On the other hand, they have to make sure everything they write (after the beginning of the article) is not essential because it might get cut from the article. So none of it can be unnecessary decorative flowers, yet at the same time, it needs to be able to seem complete if parts of it get cut out.

April M. Minerd said:

Thanks, Greta. Your explination is a great addition to the notes Dr. Jerz gave, and very helpful to someone, like me, who has never attempted news writing before.

Well put, Greta. In a news feature, you usually can assume that an interested reader will keep reading, but you can't really keep a surprise from the reader, like you could in a mystery novel.

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