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"Reporters are obligated to translate gobbledygook into plain English" - Rene Cappon, The Associate Press Guide to News Writing

 You must love the way Rene tells it.  These chapters are interesting and helpful.  Rene says, "Our treasury is words." She meant we shouldn't squander them in "flowery," as Dr. Jerz might put it, or ineffectual ways.  Although I don't intend to become a journalist, I already see numerous ways this class will help my discipline as a writer overall.  I don't expect it to be easy, either; it requires great attention to detail.  But I am hopeful. I am begining to notice "of" as my habitiual evil, whenever I write my tendancy is to "of" sentences to death. The first step to improvement is realizing faults. 

"Writing is the art of the second thought" (Cappon).   

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